Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh WOW cable

So..... I know I haven't updated in a while but I have a very good reason for this.

I just moved.

Now it might seem odd that I can't update even though I moved, but I truly cannot and I will tell you why.
Well when you move you must have your cable and internet turned on at the new place of residence. Well, what I have found is that cable companies are idiots. They thought what would be a BRILLIANT idea would be run the cable wire over to my neighbor's apartment and then drill a hole from their basement into ours. Will my landlady let this happen? Uuuhhhh NO! Geeze la weeze.....really? reaally???? A hole through my neighbor's basement into mine?! Yeah...not going to be a good idea. So now I have to arrange atime for my landlady and the cable company to be there at the same time since they need permission to drill...which of course is not going to be given for that scenario but I have a great tactic since TimeWarner has seemingly been able to figure out a better plan whenever it comes to getting cable into my apartment (my apartment is wired to get TimeWarner already but they are SUPER expensive) is just to tell WOW "Well...looks like I'm going to have to switch to TimeWarner since I can't seem to get you guys to do this thing reasonably". Yeah, they will definitely be like "OH! This way will work great!" and the whole problem will be solved so easily because they don't wantto lose my almost $70 a month. Hot damn.

So basically, I only access the internet while I'm at one of my numerous jobs or whenever go to Cup O' Joe...and like tonight am forced to sit by some weird couple that...ya know...the place is pretty sparsely packed.............he coulda sat his ass somewhere else damnit. But thats where I'm at right now. Since I only have my laptop while I'm at Cup O' Joe I can't edit photos and post them on here since I don't want to log around MyBigBlackBook (the 1TB harddrive) since MYLITTLEGUY doesn't work on my laptop...not enough power. So yeah...

My Organic Iced Green Tea though is quite delicious though.

I'm going on Vacation though next Friday so look for updates throughout the next few weeks if I can. I've been working on some great stuff recently and I can't wait to share!!!!

Oh and I bought a blue kitchen trashcan today....Yep....its amazing because Tom and I threw away ours....NOT a good idea. lol

Have a great night all!