Sunday, February 21, 2010

Natural Light Studio

So after much discussion, I need to work on doing good studio work with only natural lighting since I obviously can't afford a light kit. So, here are a few ideas illustrating that....the bras in particular are something very commercial....The image with the blue bra needs reshot, but I figured I would throw it up real quick for all to see. They weren't lined up correctly on the left side so I did some quick fixed in photoshop, but its definitely not where I know it can be. The light source is my bedroom window that is behind my dresser and I used a white box as a reflector.

The yellow flower....I've had that since 2007 and its probably died about a dozen times. Heck, it even became detached from its roots at one point. And I've probably accidentally drowned it a million times. But now, that its leaning up a cold window it grows? who knows. But anywho, yes, there is my monster flower that I used as a prop as well.

The rose was shot in my bedroomm where it sits on my dresser near my weird chimney on my wall. Its not really chimney I don't think, but its there and I'm sure its been pretty pointless up until now. In the morning, the light hits it just right and I'm looking forward to utilizing this "prop" more.

Lets Get it in Gear

How I feel on a normal basis "Disorganized yet a little better"

A light study using the natural setting of my bedroom window and bathroom window

As of lately I felt like I was in a terrible rut. Working constantly, even if I am producing photographs for two of those jobs, definitely has not been benefiting my personal skills and I have not been practicing my craft in the proper way whatsoever. So, last Sunday, my brother and I went to TipTop for lunch where we ended up having beers at 12:30 in the afternoon and we discussed the path that I am on. So after having an always inspirational talk with him I came home and took some photos and this what I have come up with (:::coughcough:: the above images). Also, I have recently decided that instead of buying clothes (I have a terrible addiction to it) I need to get my ass in gear and buy myself the tools I need to better my craft. So I went out and bought myself the LensBaby Accessories kit and also a 28-105 lens (I'm still waiting on that guy). So yeah......I'm slowly getting my ass in gear.