Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new project

So, I have this great new idea for a doc project, but I just need some ideas how to get it off the ground.

My plan is to go back to Coshocton, Oh and document the changes that have occurred since I have moved. With this money business all going downhill....many things, and I mean many, have gone downhill in Coshocton and I feel that it is necessary to capture this moment in time.

Granted I realize the first step to everything is just to do this thing and drive there and take photos, but do you all think that I should call up people and ask to take portraits? Contact the Mayor possibly and see if he would be willing to get involved? Should I drive around and ask total strangers if I can take their portraits? Should I bring a recording device of sorts to get people's stories? Should I research the people who have worked at AK Steel, GE, Ansel Edmonts, and Pretty Products??

What do you all think would be the best course of action???


Friday, May 22, 2009

Updated my Website

Finally updated my website.

I missed going out with my ladies to do so, but finally...its almost where I want it to be. Too bad my computer/internet is terribly slow. I do believe that I was spoiled while at school because it just took me six hours to do something that would have taken way less time at school.

I have new photographs to upload, but alas.....we must wait until I have a suitable place to do it at.

Check out the site, and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Afterthoughts and What the Project Was About

For my final documentary project, I chose to do a story on a woman named Kristina Godinez, who is fighting to get her children back into her care and away from their abusive father. Her fight is against Franklin Country Children Services; an organization that she feels wrongfully took away her children. Although, she admits to not being perfect and having many imperfections like a normal human does, she still feels as though it was wrongfully done.
Jumping from place to place, not being able to hold a steady job, she is given support by Donna, her mother; Sly, her partner and her close knit group of friends whom she considers family. The court hearing to give custody back to her of her five children will happen June/July of this year.

Although I would love to say that this final project was successful, I am not satisfied personally and artistically. I believe through the lack of time that I personally had, I did not create work that was good enough for my standards.
I am still going to push forward with it though, because I do want to become a documentary photographer. Possibly even beginning a new project that is more in-tune with me would be a better start than getting further in-depth with Kristina Godinez at the moment.
I do truly wish that this final project would have worked out better, but I know that the feeling of failure that I feel right now will only make me work harder in achieving what I want to achieve.

Entire Kristina Godinez Project

Monday, May 4, 2009

More Photographs from my shoot with Kristina Godinez

After some more editing I found these photographs from my shoot with Kristina Godinez. I have yet to get back in contact with her, but hopefully I will soon. She apparently isn't where she told me she was, which is really weird....but more investigating should get me to the right place.
Right now, I don't have my camera, which is very difficult for me and if BestBuy's GeekSquad mess it up again, well.....I best get a brand new one or hell will be raised once again. Damn idiots. Anywho, enough angriness. Hope you enjoy the new photographs

InvisibleChildrenMarch 4-25-09

Here is the march for Invisible Children that led up to Columbus being "rescued". This march took place from OSU Oval (the one closest to High St. I think its actually more north actually) and the continued up to Lane Ave, then to Kenny Rd where we stopped at the Jessie Owens fitness complex area. It is actually right across the street from the OSU medical center sport rehabilitation facility. But, regardless, here are some photographs from the event.