Monday, March 30, 2009


Here are last of the photographs that I feel like posting at the moment. Also, here is the infamous Chick and Cecil.......the lovely GPS.

Chicago Photos 2

Here are some more photographs from my trip. A lot of them are from Michigan Ave. (which I absolutely love). The pizza photograph is from our one meal on Tuesday because it was so big we couldn't eat it all and it was only a 10".

Chicago Photographs 1

So, I have a million of photographs from my trip to Chicago. But, most of them are of architecture because that is was draws me in the most in a city. I'll post some of those as well, but here is the first batch of my favorite photographs that don't include my boyfriend and I (truly there is one that does)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chicago was truly a VERY windy city, but it was beautiful!

I'm back from Chicago, but alas.....I have yet to post my photographs because of not having my whatcha ma call-it......OH YES! camera cord lol. But yeah, so anywho, I'm going to be posting them as soon as I get back to Columbus.

Chicago was wonderful though. It was the best 24 hours ever. I will give a little insight though to my trip a little bit later in this post. I do have to say though I love that city so very much. It was absolutely wonderful and the L is so much fun to be on and so incredibly easy.... but walking is always the way to go. You can walk so far and not even realize it. Thats what we did most of the times except for monday night....but geeze la weeze we wouldn't have made it back in one piece probably. But yeah, it was wonderful but so expensive. If I ever do get a job out there, which I really would like to have, I would probably have to live outside of the city just because of charlotte. I mean my god there is no green space whatsoever. Like at al...there is almost none at all. And its so loud that Char wouldn't like it all either. Just not a place for my puppalup. I do want to work there someday though.

Here is a run down of what went down though...times are a little iffy.........but I'll just give a quick run down of what happened on my trip

->@ 3:30pm we got there, found parking and then went a walking
-> went to the top of the Sear's Tower
-> Walked around and photographed a little, but not much (saw the Chicago Stock Exchange and a really cute italian place near it)
-> found a pizza place ( Boni Vino) that was good, but left the wax paper in between the dough and the sauce GROSS
-> saw Aaron and Chrissy while we were eating was hilarious that it was such a small little world at that moment
-> learned how to ride the Red Line up to the Magnificent Mile
-> went to the best Victoria Secrets and WhiteHouse-BlackMarket I had ever seen
-> rode the Red Line back and met Samantha at her hotel (which just happened to be the same place Aaron and Chrissy stayed)
-> with aaron, chrissy and sam we rode the Blue Line to "Blue Line" bar on Dameon street and preceded to get really drunk by aide of a 7.50 martini, $2 PBRs, and then like 4 rounds of $1 jello shots (with help from the bartender)
->parted ways with aaron and chrissy (party poopers) walked to "Flat Iron Bar", got a $5 shot/beer combo
-> Sam got her tarot cards read in this place across the street while Tom and I sat in this woman's living room playing with her little yippy dog while we were drunk and then her friends/family sat at a dinner table playing cards and drinking Beringer
-> Went back to the bar and stayed there till REALLY REALLY late (it closed at 4 and we probably stayed till 3) and I ended up giving my card to the bartender since he was going to be in COlumbus on Fri. and I wanted to be hospitable at the time
-> bought Sam some Cloves and got crap from the Indian guy at the little convenient store because I was so drunk
-> Sam decided she wanted to walk further, but i made her turn around
-> We took the Blue Line (its 24hrs) back downtown and the car had a person in each row that was asleep...only one person was awake
-> we made it back downtown, went to a 24hr place to grab coffee and the decided not to because it was creepy
-> went back to the hotel and stole pillows and blankets out of the "guest services closest" to crash on sam's floor even though her roommate did not want that whatsoever (this is at 4:30am)
-> woke up at 7am and went to Caribou and just walked around a little near Millennium Park to sober up
-> walked to the Magnificent Mile and photographed and such along the way...buying something for Mel and Me at XXI
-> went into the Disney Store AND NIEMAN MARCUS!!!!! it was amazing. I tried on a 5,000 gown that was right beside a beautiful Oscar de l'Rente. BEAUTIFUL!
-> went to Giordana's and had a famous Chicago deepdish pizza that was like eating a small baby. It was great.
-> walked back to the car and on the way gave a homeless guy some change
-> got FREE parking somehow. It could have been because we got it validated at Columbia College's art gallery which was sweet
-> drove home and split the drive half and half. I woke up just in time for Cecil to decide to take us on the back roads of illinois to get us home....I think she was pissed because we wouldn't listen to her all the time.

The trip was amazing. We're going back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

then came the computer

I also shot my boyfriend in front of his computer screen because I find it amazing how bright a computer screen actually is and yet we stare at it constantly. Like a moth.

creepy apartment complex part 2

Late at night too the clouds were very impressive because they were moving in and the way the city lights illuminate them has always fascinated me. I really wish that it would have been snowing because my favorite thing in the world is whenever the sky actually turns orange because the clouds are so low and the city's lights so bright. I find that wonderful whenever it is "light" outside when it is night time.

Creepy Apartment place

I have always found my apartment complex creepy late at night. So that is what I decided to shoot. Hoorah for that I suppose.

Tina Barney is an American photographer who started out photographing her family. The reason why I chose her was simply because of the large format prints she makes and the intense of use of color that is within each of her portraits. What I found most interesting about her work is that her photographs have an almost Diane Arbus feel because of the fact that she goes into the homes of the people she photographs and they are very aware of her presence because she is either using a 4x5 or an 8x10 camera (8x10 is mainly used at home because of how large it is). She also does give them some direction since she is using such a large camera with little mobility. I greatly enjoy her work though because although you can sense in each photograph.
Tina Barney began photographing when she was 28 years old because at that time she felt that the “American Family” was going to become extinct. She began documenting her family first and then moved on to documenting people that she got in contact with over in Paris through friends. She does photograph mainly upper-class family and that is basically because that is what she grew up with. Living in the upper-scale parts of Long Island, New York City, and also New England, she tries to capture the essence of the people within that type of culture.
I came across Tina Barney through a recommendation and first got a taste of work from a documentary that had been taped from the Sundance channel. I feel that after watching the documentary on her that reading about her is so different. I feel you truly get a better sense of how she works and also how she connects with the people she works with.