Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowflakes and why photographers should save everything

Two years ago, on November 29, 2011, I was working on an idea for my first Christmas card to send out to my friends and family. I sent out a pretty adorable Christmas card (if I do say so myself) using an ornament an old friend gave me, snowflakes my mom had made for a photograph I took two years prior, and a piece of fabric that I simply liked the color of. Going along with my usual photographic process, I took a ton of shots slowly building into the winning shot. Along with that winning shot, I took some other photographs that I felt were good, but not that great and I liked having the robot hanging out anyways.

To this day, I still have every single frame I took and all the props (especially my snowflakes) that were used. Sometimes I feel like I'm hoarding, but then something pops up, like a Christmas email blast for my work, where these things may come in handy -- like one of my favorite shots of the snowflakes which we are now using on our Christmas card.

Basically, what I'm saying is save everything... you'll never know when you may need it again! : )

Snowflake Shot that I took during my Christmas Card shoot on November 29, 2011

Christmas card that I photographed on November 29, 2011.

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Light & Shadow Work pt.1

New Light And Shadow Work!
So, I’ve been falling in love with lighting again….and most importantly the most beautiful things it can do when combined with nice crisp paper.
What are your thoughts?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shoe Series Portrait # 4

This pair in particular belonged to my Papa…a well worn shoe for a man who worked so very hard all his life. I miss you a ton Papa.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shoe Series Part 1

 I love shoes. Always have, always will...even if I spend most of my time barefoot in the summer. Regardless, I believe somebody's shoes can tell a lot about a person, giving the shoe itself a type of personality. Don't we always tend to label a style of shoe to what that person is? For example: Flirty, casual, hipster, hardworking, business man, diva, dancer, etc.
In my Shoe Portrait series I am merely giving the viewer a glimpse into the "life" and "soul" (no pun intended) into pairs of shoes that have been worn, which in turn, I feel, gives them tons of character.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Fashion Work

My best friend Emily Speelman is probably one of the biggest motivators, next to Mustache Machine,  in my life. Not only does she let me photograph her (which Emily we definitely need to do again with that GORGEOUS blonde hair of yours) but she kicks my butt into getting work done. So Emily, after way too many are your gorgeous photographs I did of you. The top one I cross-processed....which gave a cool 90's feel I thought to the jacket.

Website Update and A Productive Sunday!

Today has been terribly productive! Not only have I updated a section of my website by adding some work that should have been added a long time ago....along with getting rid of some work that should have been gone a LONG time ago, but I've also created a whole catalog for my photography! Well, the photography on my computer....the Hard drives are next....YIKES! Now that will be an undertaking! I love being productive though, and organized! Look for more great updates soon....and definitely click on that link above!

Friday, February 15, 2013

MM&BB Have their 5 year Anniversary today. WHOA.

So my boss has me on this big blogging kick. Which is fine, I love writing and I’m glad I’ve been given inspiration to do so. If any of you didn’t know, or care to know for that matter, my day job is assisting Brad Feinknopf, an internationally (no matter how many times he tries to say he isn’t) recognized Architectural Photographer. We are actually in the midst of updating our website for the 2013 year, but most of his images are on the archive site and of course he is posting great things on his blog as well.

This brings me to the main topic I have for today….great partnerships. I would say that my boss and I work very well together. On a team of basically just two you have to get along in order for it to work and I can proudly say that we work pretty well together and it helps when your clients are enjoyable as well! That definitely helps!

But there is another partnership that I’m in that works even better and (sorry Brad) is ten times more meaningful/important to me. That would be my partnership between Tomi Reichard, Mustache Machine, and myself, Black Betty.

We create artwork together that combines our two talents and not only that, we have shown in a local gallery here in Columbus called 83 Gallery. So after all that greatness we were interviewed for the February 14, 2013 edition of Alive! for being a couple that creates artwork together. Pretty much perfect timing for the article because it came out on Valentine’s Day, which was their intent, but it just happens to be Tomi and I’s five year anniversary TODAY.

Yep, me, the infamous Black Betty, has been in a relationship for five years. CRAZY! But it definitely has flown by because it has been so amazing. And for that I definitely have to thank Tomi since he definitely keeps me sane. No doubt about that.

But the greatest thing is, is that we are able to create artwork together. We don’t compete with one another if one person has more success (I.E. Tomi sold personal pieces at 83 Gallery while none of mine sold), we completely support it and are happy for the other.

Basically, the whole point of this post is to say that I’m terribly thankful for the most wonderful past five years and for the creation of Mustache Machine & Black Betty. I definitely couldn’t imagine our lives without any of it.

Tomi thank you for all the amazing happiness that you have brought to my life. I truly can't imagine my life without and I look forward to our forever future together! Arrrrrrr!!! Matey! hehehe

- Black Betty

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Astounding Thought on Working in a "Man's" Industry

After reading an article today on Richard Avedon’s past assistants and also seeing who the ten photographers were who created the new Dodge Ram 2013 Super Bowl Ad (which was quite fantastic) I realized something very interesting.
             I am in a male dominated business.
            I have never really thought about this before (well I have but that is mainly because I work with architects all the time and its rare but quite fantastic when I have a fellow woman on a shoot), but then I suddenly recalled a photography shoot I was on whilst interning at Nationwide Insurance. I was assisting Laura Sauer, one of the head photographers, and then there was also the make-up artist, Kelly, and I believe another assistant Jennifer was working on the shoot with us as well. After the shoot, the four of us all went out to lunch to celebrate a good shoot and it was brought up that this is rare….an all woman crew for a photography shoot. At the time I agreed and didn’t really think much of it since I hadn’t been in the industry very long. Now, however, I definitely see it.

            I recently Googled (as in, I Googled it this morning) famous female photographers and I was given a list of 19. NINETEEN! That’s it. All of those photographers I had heard of, but still….only 19?. Also, out of a list of 50 famous photographers, female photographers only made up a smidge of them.
            I feel as though I’m a stubborn enough person to make it in this industry. I have drive, determination and I’m relentless when I know I can achieve something and create something beautiful. However, so are so many other women, yet we don’t really hear about them, now do we? I mean, don’t get me wrong…we do hear about some, but definitely not like how we hear about male photographers.

            I graduated with an amazing class of women photographers. In fact, when I started taking the more advanced level photography classes and the tight knit group that became our graduating class (mixed in with the winter graduates) there were only five guys. If I remember correctly that is. My question is though, how many of these fantastic ladies are still working within the photography industry. I know off hand (from the ones I have stayed in touch with) that half of the eleven woman that I graduated with still are. But that is only half. Who knows who will be in that group let’s say five years down the line.
            In Resource, a publication for photo, video and lifestyle, there is an interesting little section in the Winter 2013 issue that says the following:
            In the first year of being in business, 60% of photographers give up their activity. Of the remaining 40%, another 25% will fail within the second year. The ones who make it are the remaining 15% who endure through the third year. That’s a staggering 85% turnover rate.”

            HOLY SHIT. That is crazy. What is it after that? I mean good photographers are few and far between, but that is an intense number.  I definitely don’t see myself giving up my love anytime soon, but boy that doesn’t give you much hope. Especially since I wonder what the statistic is for female photographers.

            Anyways, the whole point of this blog post is this: I don’t feel as though I could ever give this up. I feel as though I’m stubborn enough to succeed in this world photographing what I love and I also feel that there are countless other women who feel the same exact way. 

            Don’t give up.

            Keep being stubborn.

            Keep producing fantastic works of art.

My Very Best,


 This is the graduating photography class from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2009