Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo Project

Project Stuffedy:
Remember when you were younger and you thought your stuffed animal/doll was real and had feelings? Our generation is chalk full of stories like that, and especially with the help of Pixar’s Toy Story it has become even more prevalent in our minds the days we thought that no matter what, our stuffed animals were real. And they definitely did help us while growing up. They were always there for a quick reassuring and comforting hug. For many of us, they are still with us, even though we are “adults” now. No matter what, our favorite stuffed animals will always be there, even if in the back of our minds because we don’t have them anymore.
For those of us who still have our favorite Stuffed Animals, this is where my project starts. YOU!
I need your help. What is the point of doing this project if I just use “random” stuffedies? There is none. What will solidify this project is by using stuffedies that have meaning behind them.
What I am asking is for you to donate (only for a short time I promise upon promise to send them back!!!!) your favorite stuffed animal to me so I can shoot it and then immediately return it to you via USPS (gotta love their FlatRate boxes!). All you need to do is send your stuffed animal with a slip of paper saying what it’s name is, your name and of course, your address so I can send it back.
Now, I know that many of you are saying, “Pft, she won’t send it back, she’ll keep it.” Let me reassure you, that is not the case. If that were, than this project totally wouldn’t have any meaning at all.
So please, if you can, help me out with my latest project. It would mean the world to me. As soon as I have some solid photographs, I will start posting them.
Also, please feel free to invite your friends. The more participants the better and it will truly make this project come to life!
Thank you so much for all the help! You guys are the best!!!


Lauren Davis
994 Delaware Ave
Columbus, OH

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mentor Headlands Beach, Lake Erie Ohio

It's been a while. I know it. But don't forget about my blog as well. That has all the latest updates that aren't posted on here! So follow both if ya must...but seriously follow Anywho, Here are a few photos that I thought you might like to tickle your fancy for a bit! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paper Light

Some paper to pass the time. This idea popped into my mind one night in March…and then I sat there like a little kid constructing these paper sculptures. The best part was using one light source and seeing what the light would do for me. It was awesome! Feedback is welcomed!

ps. Yes, I know I said I shot these back in March. I need someone to kick my butt into working on my personal work faster!

Friday, April 15, 2011


First Things First: What do you think of the BlackBetty font? I just hand-made it tonight….in like two hours. I know. I’m insane. I love structured projects.

Secondly the main post:

So, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been workin’ on jazz, one of which being a collaboration with MUSTACHEMACHINE also known as my boyfriend.

We are taking his amazing fine art/illustration skills and combining them with my photographic skills. So, it should be interesting. Don’t expect much work soon (illustration wise) we are still trying to think of the best way for him to illustrate onto the photographs we just did with the lovely Amber Wilson. But regardless….the collaborative of BlackBetty and Mustache Machine is going to be awesome…..we hope! : )

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Technically I'm not cheating since this is how many people take photographs now

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

365 Self Portraits: 1/365

This is amazing! I saw this idea via this link:

So, here is my starting image. Its not the best, but its how I feel. Comfy and tired. Ready for bed.

Now lets just hope I can keep up with this!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some ideas floating in my head

Paris I love and miss you! I can't wait to go back someday soon!

I apologize, to those few that follow me, for the lack of photography I have been producing lately. I just started a new job where I will be a full-time photography assistant for an Architectural photographer here in town. Currently I am in training, but it seems to be going very well so far. My goal is to do at least one shoot per week no matter what. I don't even care if its shooting Dexter, I just know that to work towards my dreams of shooting I need to do that. I have many ideas floating through my head at the moment...and although I may have to use myself since my ideas come so sporadically, I don't really care. I mean, hell...what would I do if I lived on a deserted island (that of course had electricity and the such for me to photograph) but yea...I would use what I had.

Regardless, I do apologize for the lack of work I have been putting up and I do hope you enjoy the work I have just posted!