Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soft Fashion

So, as part of the normal artistic process I'm trying to figure out who Lauren Davis (thats me silly!) is. I've always wanted to go into fact when I was younger I envisioned myself being a fashion designer. All I would do for all hours of the day is draw clothes....TONS of clothes. Well, then I got my calling as a photographer, which I am much better suited for that is for sure.

Well, my two photography jobs have ended/are ending soon so I'm trying to figure out my place in the world. I have found that I am very strong in many types of photography, but I can never seem to focus on one. Could it be my limited resources? Yes. Could it be my ever growing "Creative schizophrenia"? Yes. Could it be my ever apparent lack of self-esteem when it comes to my own work? Yes. So, as you can see...I don't really know what the hell to do. I need to figure out something or come November my boyfriend is really going to have to start supporting me. And god knows I can hardly even support myself. So, yeah.....I need to find a photography job and fast. I have decided I want to go into Fashion work and after having a discussion with my boss found that Fashion Editorial is the style I'm leaning towards (The line between fashion and fashion editorial has always been super duper fuzzy for me)

Well, I had a shoot (the images above) on Friday evening to try out this idea I had of mixing both the Urban Outfitter's feel with the classiness of WhiteHouse-BlackMarket. So how did you think I did? These are just rough proofs btw......more work (like getting the random corner of the lightbox out of the frame) is to be done, but for now I thought I would post them. I feel as if I failed and yet was successful at the same time. Now, the only question do I go about doing another shoot like this when one of my models is moving to Scotland and I'm sure I can only buy/return things so many times to one store before I become blacklisted. Any suggestions because I am more open than anything else in the world right now for them.