Friday, September 17, 2010

Yellow Coat Shoot

Well, actually it started with the Yellow coat (which of course I only got one shot of) and then merged into the amazingness of a simple outfit I wore, my fabulous heels that kill my toes and my favorite new hat. Of course I had to use myself, but that is okay... it was worth it.

PolkaDot Dress Shoot

Inspiration I hit back by shooting myself. I don't particularly enjoy using myself as model, but it gets the job done...which as long as I'm creating that all that matters right?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll Be Posting Elsewhere as well!

So, to help broaden my work and get it more out there I will also be posting my work on Flickr and on Tumblr. The information is posted below. I just thought what a better way to get my photos out there then to do all kinds of post them multiple places! Hope you enjoy!

Flickr: laurenkdavisitis

Love to all!!


Ps. Don't are still going here too!

Emmy in her best

My best friend Emily came down and let me use her as a model. Basically she is absolutely wonderful.