Friday, December 24, 2010

One more cookie for you!

One more just because it ended up snowing even more after dinner. YAY!

A Christmas treat

So, I know....its been a LONG time since I posted something I thought I would post a few little pictures (the snow ones being my favorite) to pass along some holiday cheer. Thankfully Melanie was feeling slightly better (she is sick) so the photos worked out! YAY for being at home!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yellow Coat Shoot

Well, actually it started with the Yellow coat (which of course I only got one shot of) and then merged into the amazingness of a simple outfit I wore, my fabulous heels that kill my toes and my favorite new hat. Of course I had to use myself, but that is okay... it was worth it.

PolkaDot Dress Shoot

Inspiration I hit back by shooting myself. I don't particularly enjoy using myself as model, but it gets the job done...which as long as I'm creating that all that matters right?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll Be Posting Elsewhere as well!

So, to help broaden my work and get it more out there I will also be posting my work on Flickr and on Tumblr. The information is posted below. I just thought what a better way to get my photos out there then to do all kinds of post them multiple places! Hope you enjoy!

Flickr: laurenkdavisitis

Love to all!!


Ps. Don't are still going here too!

Emmy in her best

My best friend Emily came down and let me use her as a model. Basically she is absolutely wonderful.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soft Fashion

So, as part of the normal artistic process I'm trying to figure out who Lauren Davis (thats me silly!) is. I've always wanted to go into fact when I was younger I envisioned myself being a fashion designer. All I would do for all hours of the day is draw clothes....TONS of clothes. Well, then I got my calling as a photographer, which I am much better suited for that is for sure.

Well, my two photography jobs have ended/are ending soon so I'm trying to figure out my place in the world. I have found that I am very strong in many types of photography, but I can never seem to focus on one. Could it be my limited resources? Yes. Could it be my ever growing "Creative schizophrenia"? Yes. Could it be my ever apparent lack of self-esteem when it comes to my own work? Yes. So, as you can see...I don't really know what the hell to do. I need to figure out something or come November my boyfriend is really going to have to start supporting me. And god knows I can hardly even support myself. So, yeah.....I need to find a photography job and fast. I have decided I want to go into Fashion work and after having a discussion with my boss found that Fashion Editorial is the style I'm leaning towards (The line between fashion and fashion editorial has always been super duper fuzzy for me)

Well, I had a shoot (the images above) on Friday evening to try out this idea I had of mixing both the Urban Outfitter's feel with the classiness of WhiteHouse-BlackMarket. So how did you think I did? These are just rough proofs btw......more work (like getting the random corner of the lightbox out of the frame) is to be done, but for now I thought I would post them. I feel as if I failed and yet was successful at the same time. Now, the only question do I go about doing another shoot like this when one of my models is moving to Scotland and I'm sure I can only buy/return things so many times to one store before I become blacklisted. Any suggestions because I am more open than anything else in the world right now for them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Style Portraits

Here is some heavy photo manipulation practice on Miss Melanie. I really really really like this shot.

I did a lot of character manipulation to this one photo. If you would like to see the "Before" and "After" just let me know!

Gritty Ford and Native American Shirt wearing man

Tomi was nice enough to model for me two days in a row. I'm trying out a new style of portrait....much different from the very soft work I usually do. I'm starting to like gritty

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh WOW cable

So..... I know I haven't updated in a while but I have a very good reason for this.

I just moved.

Now it might seem odd that I can't update even though I moved, but I truly cannot and I will tell you why.
Well when you move you must have your cable and internet turned on at the new place of residence. Well, what I have found is that cable companies are idiots. They thought what would be a BRILLIANT idea would be run the cable wire over to my neighbor's apartment and then drill a hole from their basement into ours. Will my landlady let this happen? Uuuhhhh NO! Geeze la weeze.....really? reaally???? A hole through my neighbor's basement into mine?! Yeah...not going to be a good idea. So now I have to arrange atime for my landlady and the cable company to be there at the same time since they need permission to drill...which of course is not going to be given for that scenario but I have a great tactic since TimeWarner has seemingly been able to figure out a better plan whenever it comes to getting cable into my apartment (my apartment is wired to get TimeWarner already but they are SUPER expensive) is just to tell WOW "Well...looks like I'm going to have to switch to TimeWarner since I can't seem to get you guys to do this thing reasonably". Yeah, they will definitely be like "OH! This way will work great!" and the whole problem will be solved so easily because they don't wantto lose my almost $70 a month. Hot damn.

So basically, I only access the internet while I'm at one of my numerous jobs or whenever go to Cup O' Joe...and like tonight am forced to sit by some weird couple that...ya know...the place is pretty sparsely packed.............he coulda sat his ass somewhere else damnit. But thats where I'm at right now. Since I only have my laptop while I'm at Cup O' Joe I can't edit photos and post them on here since I don't want to log around MyBigBlackBook (the 1TB harddrive) since MYLITTLEGUY doesn't work on my laptop...not enough power. So yeah...

My Organic Iced Green Tea though is quite delicious though.

I'm going on Vacation though next Friday so look for updates throughout the next few weeks if I can. I've been working on some great stuff recently and I can't wait to share!!!!

Oh and I bought a blue kitchen trashcan today....Yep....its amazing because Tom and I threw away ours....NOT a good idea. lol

Have a great night all!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Logo Idea

Please tell me what you think of my idea for my new logo design. I'm actually pretty proud of myself I did this one on my own. Let me know! I greatly appreciate all feedback!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Natural Light Studio

So after much discussion, I need to work on doing good studio work with only natural lighting since I obviously can't afford a light kit. So, here are a few ideas illustrating that....the bras in particular are something very commercial....The image with the blue bra needs reshot, but I figured I would throw it up real quick for all to see. They weren't lined up correctly on the left side so I did some quick fixed in photoshop, but its definitely not where I know it can be. The light source is my bedroom window that is behind my dresser and I used a white box as a reflector.

The yellow flower....I've had that since 2007 and its probably died about a dozen times. Heck, it even became detached from its roots at one point. And I've probably accidentally drowned it a million times. But now, that its leaning up a cold window it grows? who knows. But anywho, yes, there is my monster flower that I used as a prop as well.

The rose was shot in my bedroomm where it sits on my dresser near my weird chimney on my wall. Its not really chimney I don't think, but its there and I'm sure its been pretty pointless up until now. In the morning, the light hits it just right and I'm looking forward to utilizing this "prop" more.

Lets Get it in Gear

How I feel on a normal basis "Disorganized yet a little better"

A light study using the natural setting of my bedroom window and bathroom window

As of lately I felt like I was in a terrible rut. Working constantly, even if I am producing photographs for two of those jobs, definitely has not been benefiting my personal skills and I have not been practicing my craft in the proper way whatsoever. So, last Sunday, my brother and I went to TipTop for lunch where we ended up having beers at 12:30 in the afternoon and we discussed the path that I am on. So after having an always inspirational talk with him I came home and took some photos and this what I have come up with (:::coughcough:: the above images). Also, I have recently decided that instead of buying clothes (I have a terrible addiction to it) I need to get my ass in gear and buy myself the tools I need to better my craft. So I went out and bought myself the LensBaby Accessories kit and also a 28-105 lens (I'm still waiting on that guy). So yeah......I'm slowly getting my ass in gear.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have finally updated my website.

Click on New Photos to see basically what you have seen on here plus a few new pieces finally added to the online portfolio. Its taken me a while, but I'm finally working on it.

I'm also adding in my catalog work, but that is taking sometime because my computer is slow, Tomi's is not usable at the moment, and since I've seen so much OSU stuff over the past five months it is hard for me to look at at home as well.

I started the Nationwide Internship as well on January 4th and so far everything is going very well. I can't wait to work on some more projects with Tom and Laura!! Currently I'm editing some amazing photos and I can't wait to be able to create my own with them!

I'll keep ya posted and hopefully new photos will be up soon!!

My Very Best,