Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lets Get it in Gear

How I feel on a normal basis "Disorganized yet a little better"

A light study using the natural setting of my bedroom window and bathroom window

As of lately I felt like I was in a terrible rut. Working constantly, even if I am producing photographs for two of those jobs, definitely has not been benefiting my personal skills and I have not been practicing my craft in the proper way whatsoever. So, last Sunday, my brother and I went to TipTop for lunch where we ended up having beers at 12:30 in the afternoon and we discussed the path that I am on. So after having an always inspirational talk with him I came home and took some photos and this what I have come up with (:::coughcough:: the above images). Also, I have recently decided that instead of buying clothes (I have a terrible addiction to it) I need to get my ass in gear and buy myself the tools I need to better my craft. So I went out and bought myself the LensBaby Accessories kit and also a 28-105 lens (I'm still waiting on that guy). So yeah......I'm slowly getting my ass in gear.

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