Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Logo Idea

Please tell me what you think of my idea for my new logo design. I'm actually pretty proud of myself I did this one on my own. Let me know! I greatly appreciate all feedback!


Shannon Moore said...

The color choices are very suitable to your personality, and the type is very nice, too. the intersection of your name to the circle of dots bugs me a lot. it's a tangency, really. I know what it is supposed to read, because I know you personally, but to a new viewer, it might be difficult to cleary get your name. which, in the end, is the most important.

I might suggest to eliminate one dot, and have it so that your name "passes through" that boundary more easily. better yet, maybe make the circle big enough so that it hits right at the "k", so that it kind of breaks up the LAURENKDAVIS, without actually spacing it (because I like it not spaced). if this doesn't make sense, tell me

overall -- i dig it!

BONARDI said...

NICE! I like the simplicity -
That is exactly what I was thinking Shannon, I would leave the circle and let it overlap right where the leg and arm of the k meet the rest of itself. That would make the circle bigger which would might make it less flexible with the different spaces you will eventually have to fit it into. I think it would be sweet if you resolved that by making "lauren" smaller as a lens would be diffracting the appearance of your first name. Your lucky your middle initial is a k because it looks like a flash of light and also stands for a grand. Oh also maybe change the opacity of lauren just slightly. have fun

tom davis said...

i like the chicken