Friday, February 15, 2013

MM&BB Have their 5 year Anniversary today. WHOA.

So my boss has me on this big blogging kick. Which is fine, I love writing and I’m glad I’ve been given inspiration to do so. If any of you didn’t know, or care to know for that matter, my day job is assisting Brad Feinknopf, an internationally (no matter how many times he tries to say he isn’t) recognized Architectural Photographer. We are actually in the midst of updating our website for the 2013 year, but most of his images are on the archive site and of course he is posting great things on his blog as well.

This brings me to the main topic I have for today….great partnerships. I would say that my boss and I work very well together. On a team of basically just two you have to get along in order for it to work and I can proudly say that we work pretty well together and it helps when your clients are enjoyable as well! That definitely helps!

But there is another partnership that I’m in that works even better and (sorry Brad) is ten times more meaningful/important to me. That would be my partnership between Tomi Reichard, Mustache Machine, and myself, Black Betty.

We create artwork together that combines our two talents and not only that, we have shown in a local gallery here in Columbus called 83 Gallery. So after all that greatness we were interviewed for the February 14, 2013 edition of Alive! for being a couple that creates artwork together. Pretty much perfect timing for the article because it came out on Valentine’s Day, which was their intent, but it just happens to be Tomi and I’s five year anniversary TODAY.

Yep, me, the infamous Black Betty, has been in a relationship for five years. CRAZY! But it definitely has flown by because it has been so amazing. And for that I definitely have to thank Tomi since he definitely keeps me sane. No doubt about that.

But the greatest thing is, is that we are able to create artwork together. We don’t compete with one another if one person has more success (I.E. Tomi sold personal pieces at 83 Gallery while none of mine sold), we completely support it and are happy for the other.

Basically, the whole point of this post is to say that I’m terribly thankful for the most wonderful past five years and for the creation of Mustache Machine & Black Betty. I definitely couldn’t imagine our lives without any of it.

Tomi thank you for all the amazing happiness that you have brought to my life. I truly can't imagine my life without and I look forward to our forever future together! Arrrrrrr!!! Matey! hehehe

- Black Betty

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