Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opera Summary

So, I have been shooting Opera Columbus's production of Turandot, which is actually Puccini's last opera. I figured before I post the photographs (actually I'm downloading them all right now) I would give a little back story about the opera.

It starts out with Turandot, the princess of the Peking people giving three riddles to any suitor of royal blood that cares to try and win her hand. Well, after the Prince of Persia tries and fails (resulting in his beheading like all the other suitors) the exiled Prince tries because he is captivated by Turandot and is deeply in love with her just by seeing her. The Prince actually passes the three riddles, but Turandot wants nothing to do with him because she does not love him. So he gives her a riddle to say speak his name and if she does before sunrise, well then he will die and she won't have to marry him if she doesn't love him. Well, after his father's (the exiled king) servants kills herself because of her love for the exiled Prince (he doesn't love her) Turandot (somehow I still haven't been able to watch every scene) falls madly in love with the Prince and happiness ensues...except for the whole Liu is dead situation.

So yeah, it quite interesting and I implore you all to look it up considering Puccini died while creating this Opera and also Nessa Dorma is sung during the Third Act which is one of the most amazing Acts of all in any opera.

If anyone has a better summary please let me know, I'm just going by what I have picked up over the past couple of weeks.

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