Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new project

So, I have this great new idea for a doc project, but I just need some ideas how to get it off the ground.

My plan is to go back to Coshocton, Oh and document the changes that have occurred since I have moved. With this money business all going downhill....many things, and I mean many, have gone downhill in Coshocton and I feel that it is necessary to capture this moment in time.

Granted I realize the first step to everything is just to do this thing and drive there and take photos, but do you all think that I should call up people and ask to take portraits? Contact the Mayor possibly and see if he would be willing to get involved? Should I drive around and ask total strangers if I can take their portraits? Should I bring a recording device of sorts to get people's stories? Should I research the people who have worked at AK Steel, GE, Ansel Edmonts, and Pretty Products??

What do you all think would be the best course of action???


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