Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Afterthoughts and What the Project Was About

For my final documentary project, I chose to do a story on a woman named Kristina Godinez, who is fighting to get her children back into her care and away from their abusive father. Her fight is against Franklin Country Children Services; an organization that she feels wrongfully took away her children. Although, she admits to not being perfect and having many imperfections like a normal human does, she still feels as though it was wrongfully done.
Jumping from place to place, not being able to hold a steady job, she is given support by Donna, her mother; Sly, her partner and her close knit group of friends whom she considers family. The court hearing to give custody back to her of her five children will happen June/July of this year.

Although I would love to say that this final project was successful, I am not satisfied personally and artistically. I believe through the lack of time that I personally had, I did not create work that was good enough for my standards.
I am still going to push forward with it though, because I do want to become a documentary photographer. Possibly even beginning a new project that is more in-tune with me would be a better start than getting further in-depth with Kristina Godinez at the moment.
I do truly wish that this final project would have worked out better, but I know that the feeling of failure that I feel right now will only make me work harder in achieving what I want to achieve.

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Emily Speelman said...

your positivity is truly an inspiration!!! <3