Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tom Davis Jazz Guitarist

I did some promotional shots for Tom Davis ( a local jazz guitarist here in town....and also my brother). I did them both in Color and in B&W. I favor the B&W shots the most...but I am not too sure and I'm hoping for some input on which ones look the best. We went on top of a parking garage where it was very windy and very cold, but it definitely helped get my creative side back. I hope to do more photographs like this in the near future. I enjoy this type of portrait/fashion work.

The first two are my favorite. General composition I feel is very well.

I'm really hoping to start this into a certain style I can delve into for a while. I just need some volunteers to help by my models. Anyone up for it? Also Which ones do you enjoy more? THe color or B&W?

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